Homework In Schools: a Necessity Or An Obsolete Method 

Times are certainly changing. Earlier, parents wanted their children to be laden with homework because they felt it was a way of keeping them in leash at home. Their line of thinking was simple. When children do homework, they find little time to indulge in harmful activities or mindless pursuits. Today, parents feel that the children are creatively stunted because of the pressure of homework and that homework is no more a necessity and should be done away with.

Both points seem fair but let us not jump to conclusions without making a more thorough analysis. Homework is not only for keeping children hooked to study at home. It is a definite way of character building.

Virtues of time management and organization

Homework instills the value of time management in students because they have limited time to finish their assignments. It also teaches students why quality of organization is such an asset. Structuring the homework assignment in such a way that they can be done effectively looks like simple organization but in later life, this becomes the founding principle of greater organizing and administrative abilities.

Boosting coping mechanism for future

Children are often overburdened by homework and this makes their coping mechanism stronger. In their early lives, they fail to realize how this can help later when as a high level employee or a parent they come face to face with a crisis.

Instilling discipline and a sense of responsibility

It can be argued without much trouble that homework assignments add discipline and a sense of responsibility to the lives of students. Again, it may not seem much in their present lives but these two virtues surely create soldiers out of simple students- those who will be worthy and virtuous citizens in future.

Homework must not overburden students

It is, however, right for a section of parents to feel that homeworks can be taxing at times. Yes, children must not be overburdened and work should be limited to a maximum of 2 hours. So possibly, homework of all the subjects should not be made due on the same day by teachers and children should be allowed to have a little bit of breathing space.

Homework must not be done away with

Homework should not be put away by school curriculums. Students should ideally try to do all the homework themselves. In case they find it impossible, they can always go to a homework helper or the online assignment help agency. The professional writers do your work competently, at a reasonable rate and submit to you thoroughly original work. If you want to do all your work yourself, planners and online diaries like Homeworky can help to structure your homework or assignment better.

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